22 Days To Finding Self-Love

22 Days To Finding Self-Love

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Why self-love? Because as you're about to learn, all success and hapiness start from within.

Have you found yourself doing the same things over and over again, wondering when will you ever get the things you really want? Are you feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed and you don’t quite know why or what you could do about it? Do you feel like you want to completely give up because you are afraid to move forward? Do you find plausible excuses to self-sabotage your work and dreams? Are you struggling with depression and/or anxiety?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in the right place!

I will guide you through key steps which will allow YOU to redeem your productive, fulfilling and happy life back! This program is truly life changing and it helped my clients gain confidence, self-worth, self-love. It helped them to live the lives they were afraid to live before. 

It helps women and men go after what they truly want, come out of painful situations and redeem control over their personal life, friendships, relationships and work relationships. 

The 22 Days To Finding Self-Love Program will allow YOU to develop a completely new mindset through active tasks, interaction with your coach, Cristiana Nechita, weekly lessons and challenges. This is more than just an online quick-fix program. By committing to this amazingly valuable program you will receive ongoing support, because your success is important for us.

Sounds good? Take action and sign up now! It's only £1/day! (Paid in full on sign-up) And remember, sharing is caring. Why not share this opportunity with a friend? You could go on this journey together! 

Good luck and always remember to FLY - First Love Yourself!

With Love,
Cris Nechita